Aloha and welcome.

Each year Hula Anyone continues to evolve, breaking through barriers that limit our potential and forging forward with a spirited attitude. For 2018, we will not change our landscape but rather add more of the same. Commit to our long journey and breaking more barriers with respect and a thoughtful mind set.

With our fullest imagination we will strive to always be creative and fresh. We will continue to engage our community in our dynamic programs and collaborate with others whose mission supports increased awareness and inspiration.

We are excited to look ahead to more collaboration with guest artists and musicians, hula workshops, travels, and community programs. Our new website will be a place for us to keep in touch with our greater Hula Ohana and keep you up to date on our latest events and performances.

Always in a joyful warm nurturing environment we welcome you to join us anytime.

Angelita Eller and Hula Anyone


Rachel Monico